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Dear Mom of The Difficult Kid

Dear Mom of The Difficult Kid

Dear Mom of the Difficult Kid,

I know you feel judged.While the other children are laughing, yours is crying.

While the other children are playing, yours is tantruming.

While the other children are holding hands running through the park giggling amongst the dandelions, yours is hiding behind your knees, clutching your pants for dear life, begging to go home.

While the other kids are listening, yours just tried to hit you. In public. Again.

Strangers are full of stern advice. “All that child needs is a good spanking.” “Looks like someone needs to learn some respect!”

Friends give you a sad smile and politely look away while you try to talk your little one down from the edge once again.

You feel a failure at the one thing you’d give anything to excel at.

You feel like the entire world is pointing at you and shaking their heads.

You’re scared for the future.

You walk through life hand in hand with a child whom you love more than life but wish, even if it’s just a quiet wish from the smallest corner of your heart, that you could somehow make everything just a bit easier.

But you keep trying. You keep going to the park even though you know how the outing will end. You keep teaching. You keep hugging. You keep guiding. Because even though it’s hard, above all else, your child is yours.

Yours to keep. Yours to love. Forever.

Don’t waste your time imagining what other people are thinking. Don’t waste your days looking longingly at other children who seem so easy, or wondering what if this and what if that.

Maybe, just maybe, you and your child were paired for a reason that will only reveal itself once they’re grown and the sidewalk meltdowns are distant memories; thin and faded like old photographs.

Until then, keep trying. Keep teaching. Keep mothering.

You’re amazing.

xo Another Mom of a Difficult Kid


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