Stuff Moms Say

Five Things Toddler Moms Know To Be True

Being a toddler parent is like being part of a special club: a club of unwashed, tired people who live on broken goldfish crackers, dinner scraps, and coffee.   5 Things Toddler Moms Know To Be True   1. If you want to wipe a toddler’s nose you have to sneak up on them like a […]


Dear Mom. I Get It Now.

Dear Mom, It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I began to understand what it is you did for me. Now I know what it feels like to meet your baby for the first time and feel your heart explode in joy. Now I know what it feels like to sit up […]


The Five Moms You Meet On Facebook

Anyone else notice that there are five specific types of moms on Facebook? Here’s how they’d all respond to a simple question in one of those local Facebook groups. Hey moms! My 2-year-old has a fever. Any advice?  1. The Perfect Mom “Oh poor you! My little one has never been sick on account of […]


Dear Exhausted Mom

Dear Exhausted Mom, I know you can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep. I know you’re trying to remember what being rested feels like. I know you’re tired of being up before the sun, making breakfast while it’s still dark, and being so tired you could cry…or do cry.I’m not here […]


I Miss The Village

Every day I go about my life: drive my children to and fro, make breakfast, lunch and dinner, and change my baby’s diapers in my four-walled house while the world buzzes around me busy and fast. My little plays on the floor and I watch him pluck toy after toy out of the large box […]


The Four Types of Mom-Somnia

  The kids are finally sleep, why aren’t you?If you’re reading this at 2AM, or 4AM, staring into the dark wondering why you haven’t floated away to dreamland yet, you have it. Counting sheep doesn’t work. Tightly closing your eyes will just give you a headache. Staring daggers at your husband who manages to fall […]


Thoughts Moms Have While Making Dinner

Why am I even cooking? They hate everything I make anyway. I should buy organic meat. I wonder how many chemicals are in this crap. I read somewhere that meat with antibiotics makes kids go through puberty earlier. As if we need more meltdowns around here. I guess it doesn’t really matter since I’ll have […]


My Daughter Loves Pink And Princesses. She’s Still A Badass

I know you’ve noticed it. How recently it’s considered lame for little girls to wear pink from head to toe and love princesses. For some reason as we started declaring it wonderful that girls play with action figures and boys wear their sister’s clothes if they want, we started believing that girls who strut the […]


Dear Perfect Mom I Wanted To Be

Thursday Dear Perfect Mom I Wanted To Be, You’re probably really disappointed in me. Look around. The house is a mess. I know you thought I’d be the type of mom who would never have toys covering her living room floor. Right now my family room looks like a cross between Target’s toy aisle and […]


10 Reasons Why Dinner Time Is Actually The Worst

I feel the dread rise up every day at around 3PM. Dinner time is coming. Before I became a mom I thought my family’s evening meal would look like one of those Hamburger Helper commercials. You’ve seen them: the mom slowly places a casserole dish in the middle of the table. The children’s eyes grow […]